AmSTRONG Handstand Challenge

AmSTRONG Handstand Challenge

You’ve probably heard of the Handstand Challenge - popularised by Spider-Man actor Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal in 2020, now it’s time for AmSTRONG to challenge you to test your fitness.

P.S - It’s a great workout too!

With the current restrictions, you might have lost track of your fitness routine. AmSTRONG is here to help you kickstart your fitness at home by challenging you to participate in our Handstand Challenge.

Let's Go!

The Challenge: Simply get in a hand-stand position and put on a t-shirt!

Depending on your fitness level, we have 3 modifications for you:

Level 1: Doing the Handstand Challenge in a plank position 
Level 2: Doing the Handstand Challenge in a decline plank position (with both legs elevated on a stand or pressed against wall)
Level 3: Doing the Handstand Challenge in the proper handstand position

AmSTRONG hopes to bring all of you to be part of our community and to motivate one another to Stay STRONG Stay ACTIVE regardless of any situation. Even with absolutely no equipment, we can start from practicing handstand at home.🤸🏻‍♂️

Just by participating - Get a chance to win a selection of prizes below,

AmSTRONG Handstand Challenge

while all participants can get 20% off AmSTRONG products and 10% off fitness classes!* 

How To Enter?

Head to our Instagram story highlight "Handstand Challenge" and click on the Add Yours button to submit your attempt - you can view all of our community submissions from the Add Yours sticker as well!

  1. Simply record & upload your Handstand Challenge attempt
  2. Tag a friend & @amstrong.official
  3. Post to your story!
    (DM your video to @amstrong.official if your profile is private.)
  4. Extra Entry: Submit another attempt at a different level. Max 3 entries.

😉 Make sure you have followed us @amstrong.official!

3 participants with the best content will be selected. Each winner will receive a set of
- AmSTRONG Training Set (1 pack + 1 apparel of your choice),
- Fluid X Aqua Training Bag (Tank 15 / 20), and
- 4 x Fitness Classes*

*Fitness Classes: Choose one from AmSTRONG training partnersincluding Ninja training, Street Workout, Long-distance Running, Personal Training and Muay Thai. Support Hong Kong fitness coaches!


T&C: This event opens from now to 27 March 2022 23:59 HKT. It's only available to HK residents. Result will be announced on Instagram on 29 March 2022. By submitting the challenge video through Instagram story which tagged @amstrong.offical or direct message, participants agree AmSTRONG to repost / share their contents for marketing purpose. In case of any dispute, AmSTRONG reserves the right of final decision and judgement.

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