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We collaborate with local trainers and gyms to help our community to establish active lifestyles and achieve continuous growth in fitness and wellness. Special offers available for AmSTRONG members. Contact our customer support for instant access.

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Sasuke Fitness
 Ninja Warrior   Obstacle Training   Hong Kong Island 

📍 Sasuke Fitness, Tai Koo | Perhaps you’ve tried Spartan Race and saw Ninja Warrior on TV. Your chance is now if you are interested in obstacle course like the mentioned above. Sasuke Fitness is the 1st Ninja gym in Hong Kong. All their obstacles are designed and tested by the coaches at Sasuke Fitness! No matter your fitness level, it would definitely be a fun yet challenging alternative workout experience.


NextRc by Alex
 Long-distance Running   Marathon Training   Run Club 

📍 NextRc by Alex, Kowloon Bay / Tsing Yi | Alex possesses both AASFP Running Coach Certificate and Certificate of advanced sports and science personal fitness. Not only you will gain professional long distance running training but you will also learn the goal and philosophy by Alex to stay away from sports injuries and develop enthusiasm for sports.

AmSTRONG member offer: Complimentary trial class

Forward fight club
 Muay Thai   Kickboxing   Fight Club 

📍 Forward Fight Club, San Po Kong | Don't miss the chance to learn real kicks from FFC coaches who are professional Muay Thai fighters and referees! The sport itself is a mix of both aerobic and anaerobic workout, that helps develop strength and endurance. The unique skilled, purposeful practice will be more interesting when you get advanced.

AmSTRONG member offer: Complimentary trial class + 10% off class package


M2 Street Workout
 Street Workout   Calisthenics   Mei Foo 

📍M2 Street Workout, Mei Foo | Wanna become the most impressive person in the room? Learning few street workout tricks from the master trainer M2 wouldn’t be a wrong place to go. This sport combines aesthetic movement, muscles strength and creativity to develop fundamental bodyweight exercises, and freestyle dynamic moves for advanced students. The best part about street workout is the you can train anytime anywhere!


 CrossFit   Personal Training   Weightlifting 

📍LRCF Fitness Box, Prince Edward | The first CrossFit box in the Kowloon side. Their WOD (Workout of the day) group class was programmed through a variety of gymnastics, weightlifting, and aerobic exercises to develop a varied medium to high intensity and multi-functional training.


Del Fitness & Pilates
 Pilates   Personal Training   Tsim Sha Tsui 

📍 Del Fitness & Pilates, Tsim Sha Tsui | Founded by Allen and Helen who are Elite Coaches from AASFP, the leading physical fitness academy in Hong Kong. You may have seen them in the popular reality show "Beauty and the Best" on VIU TV. They were the fitness coaching team, successfully helped all contestants from the show to reshape their bodies, no matter their goals were muscle gain, weight loss or both!

The Del team offers everything from pilates to group fitness and personal training. Look no further if you want professional guidance and support to reach your fitness goals! 

AmSTRONG members offer: 10% off all training packages



*NOTE: AmSTRONG training partners collaboration and member offers will be updated or changed without prior notice. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.