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Payment Methods

**Consumption Voucher Promotion: When you spend consumption voucher on am-strong.com, we will give you back a cash voucher (15% of your order amount) that you can share with a friend!

T&C: Each cash voucher has a maximum value of HK$ 200. If 15% of your order amount exceeds HK$ 200, you will receive 2 or more cash vouchers (which have a total amount of 15% of your order). Valid until 31/12/2021. This promotion cannot be combined with other discount, offer or promotion. 

Digital payments

We accept Visa, Master, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Faster payment system (FPS) 

If you wish to pay with FPS, please follow below instructions.
1. Place your order with FPS payment option
2. Launch FPS in your mobile and pay to FPS ID 164409518
3. Enter amount (your order amount) and transfer note (your order reference)
4. Confirm payment
5. Message us +852 9336 9350 (WhatsApp only) for order confirmation

Octopus / WeChat Pay HK / Tap & Go

If you wish to pay with Octopus, WeChat Pay HK or Tap & Go, please follow below instructions.
1. Place your order with Octopus / WeChat Pay HK / Tap & Go payment option.
2. Message your order reference to +852 9336 9350 (WhatsApp only) for payment QR code.
3. Launch payment mobile app and pay with the QR code.
4. Message us again to confirm payment.

*Order will be automatically cancelled if it's not yet been paid or payment is failed but not recovered in 24hours after placing order.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support.