#WhatsSTRONGwithyou - M2 Mok Ho Yin

#WhatsSTRONGwithyou M2 Mok Ho Yin

Instead of asking “What’s wrong with you?”. Perhaps we should be encouraged to ask “What’s STRONG with you?”. Let’s acknowledge how others achieve their goals rather than mocking how they differentiate themselves. 

We’re always interested in the way everyone found their passion, and how they maintain their motivation throughout all peaks and valleys.

In this #WhatsSTRONGwithyou series, we collect stories of perseverance, ambition and companionship from the AmSTRONG community. We will share their secret menu that keeps them energised and consistent every single day, their tricks to beat struggles and stress, and give inspirations to our community in how to have stronger body and mind.

#WhatsSTRONGwithyou - M2 Mok Ho Yin

In the first episode, we interviewed HK street workout master trainer, M2 Mok Ho Yin (@m2.ham), who is also father of a 1-year-old son. He shared how he, at age 25 only, came across the journey to become who he is today.

Q1. When did you first discover your passion for street workout? And how did you become a coach? 

At the very beginning, a few of my secondary schoolmates started doing street workout and invited me to join them. However, I rejected them because I didn’t think I had the gifted talent to do sports and didn’t have any interest in strength training. After that I started doing more research about street workout online and was immediately attracted by all the cool tricks and performances. I have since got into the journey of street workout.

Being a street workout coach was all determined by faith. A while back there was a collaboration between Street Workout Hong Kong and the government organisation to promote street workout to the community. Kevin, Chairman of Street Workout Hong Kong, encouraged me to attend the certified street workout coach qualification course. That was when I started promoting street workout as a coach.

Q2. Name a street workout athlete that inspires you.

Stephen Landers is the street workout athlete I look up to the most. He was my teacher when I was attending that certified street workout coach qualification course. Stephen also has a son, a couples months older than mine. Watching Stephen and his son really inspire me and give me more experience.

Q3. What does “STRONG” mean to you?

The word means so much to me in different levels. The word “STRONG” means strength and resilience. We, as coaches not only require to be physically strong and capable, we also need to be infectious to our students. And as a father, being strong means I have to stay tough mentally at all time to be a responsible breadwinner.

Q4. Ever thought of giving up street workout? How did you overcome?

I think everyone who is passionate about sports must encountered obstacles which lead to the thoughts of giving up. There was a year my competition result was not ideal. I doubted myself if I should continue competing but I asked myself one question. “Why I got into this journey?” And then reminded myself the promise I made at the very beginning. Keep on believing street workout can change who I was and change the people around me. At last, I carry on with my beliefs.

Q5. What would you be doing if you were not a sports coach?

I was not an outstanding student when I was in school. Luckily I started street workout right before secondary school graduation and I picked a diploma which was sports related. That’s why I have never really quite leave the field of coaching and street workout. I am not sure what it is like not being a coach. Not even a single clue. Perhaps a normal 9-5 working class?

#WhatsSTRONGwithyou - M2 Mok Ho Yin

Q6. What’s the hardest thing about being a dad?

I believe the hardest part of being a father is that I also have the thoughts of not giving my child and my wife enough. And witnessing my child grow up is also a big part of my life. Therefore it is hard to strike a balance between working and spending time with your family. Most fathers would have the same feelings as I have.

Q7. How do you balance your work and family life?

There must be at least one day during the week as the designated family day. As a coach, evening hour is relatively flexible that is when I spend time with my family and maybe sometimes I will take some rest too. Fortunately, my teaching hour is easily managed compared to a normal working hour in Hong Kong. 

Q8. What three adjectives would you use to describe your son Jatavion?

Adorable, Playful, warm-hearted.

Q9. What’s your favourite fatherhood memory so far?

My favourite fatherhood memory was when my son started to intimate our behaviour when he was 1. He started using words and body language to actually start communicating with us. From then on, it was not just us trying to get to know him. He also has his on thoughts and choices. It was a wonderful feeling that he has self-awareness yet sharing with his parents. We, as parents can really appreciate his present.

Q10. Your go-to AmSTRONG gear.

My go-to gear is my 01-MESSENGER BAG. I bring it with me to work everyday because it is quite convenient and the storage is large. It can store items like laptop, documents or even a camera. It meets my needs and It carries my ambition everyday.

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