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Instead of asking “What’s wrong with you?”. Perhaps we should be encouraged to ask “What’s STRONG with you?”. Let’s acknowledge how others achieve their goals rather than mocking how they differentiate themselves.

We’re always interested in the way everyone found their passion, and how they maintain their motivation through peaks and valleys.

In #WhatsSTRONGwithyou series, we collect stories of perseverance, ambition and companionship from the AmSTRONG community. We will share their secret menu that keeps them energised and consistent everyday, their tricks to beat struggles and stress, and give inspirations to our community in how to have stronger body and mind.


Meet coach Calvin Auyueng (@calvinauyeung)! Not only he is specialised in fitness and conditioning, he is also a big outdoor enthusiast. Delve deeper into his journey with this interview, and discover how fitness / sports has become his core in everyday life.

Q1. How did you find your passion in fitness?

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to play professional sports when I was older. Unfortunately I didn’t make it, I believe I did not know the necessary things I had to do or steps I had to take to get where I wanted to be. So instead I focused on helping others. I studied sports medicine, health science, kinesiology and physical education to help those around me to achieve what they want.

Q2. Is there an athlete you look up to and why?

My dad. He was a collegiate athlete when he was in college and he truly taught me everything that I needed to know in life. From how to sacrifice, what is respect and to how to grind. He is definitely my number 1 role model.

Q3. What does your daily routine look like?

Morning coffee, workout, go to work, early lunch, workout again, work ends, maybe a run or hangout then dinner later in the evening.

Q4. Anything you learnt from the pandemic?

Learnt more about myself, more time to self reflect. I was always the GO GO GO type and had to try to fit everything in my schedule but I’ve learn to “be still”, enjoy the moment because we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Q5. What does STRONG mean to you?

STRONG is not measured by strength or how much weight you can push. But it is measured by heart, how you face adversity and attitude toward everything you do.

Q6. Your favourite workout playlist?

Meek Mil’s album Wins & Losses

Q7. Indoor or outdoor training?


Q8. Any advice for people who struggle with forming a workout routine?

Learn more about yourself and what you really want. If you want something no matter goals for body, business or anything, you must learn to discipline yourself, create routine and habits because motivation can only get you so far.

Q9. What else are you into besides fitness?

Outdoors, kayak out, fishing or hiking!!

Q10. What’s inside your EDC?







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