Make the most out of this summer. Spend the summer crushing your goals!

It’s officially summer time, the season of sizzling weather and longer daylight! 😎

Raise your hands if you have put aside something you planned to do last year, due to social precautionary measures, and you feel like accomplishing them this summer! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s get going!!

Setting Summer Goals

First things first! Plan out what you aim to achieve in June, July and August by writing it down as detailed as possible. Your seasonal goals can be digging deep into your own expertise / interest, also broadening your horizons through seeking new experience.

Here we introduce a STRONG way to set goals and make them achievable!

A STRONG way to set and achieve goals.

S pecific - Ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve. The more specific and clearer your goals, the faster the path you can drive yourself towards manifestation.

T imely - Set a timeframe for your goals and break them down into smaller weekly (or even daily) milestones. It allows the entire progress measurable and helps yourself to see the next step in front of you.

R easonable - Of course, you’re encouraged to aim high and achieve more. However, having reasonable and attainable goals is one of the keys to keep you away from frustrations. Aim small and achieve more right? You will be surprised how far you have come after a period of time. 

O riented - Once you decide your targets, be committed to them. Even though there might be distractions along the journey, make sure you know your priorities and stay on the track all the time.

N onstop - This is the simplest yet toughest task when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Keep pushing, grinding, and progressing. The only way to get through it is to keep your head down and make each step count!

G rown - At the end, whether you make it or not, a debrief session enables yourself to review what happen, how you enjoy and what you learn throughout the process. The realisation will be a great resource for your future goals setting. 

EXAMPLE: A STRONG goal for running.

S - I want to improve my running pace and target to finish 10k under 55mins.
T - Target to achieve in 3 months and I will accumulate 30k per week.
R - My recent 10k PB is 59mins. I feel comfortable push further and I’m confident because I’m planning out a training program with my coach.
O - I’ll spare 3-4 nights per week for training.
N - If it rains, I will train on treadmills.
G - Through the training program, I will take notes on every practice, how I feel before/ after the run, how my performance changes when I adjust posture / breathing while running.

Summer Goals Ideas

🗺 Explore new place
🥎 Get a taste of a new sport
🎓 Master a skill you always wanted
🏠 Redecorate your home / room
🥦 Go vegan once a week

Comment your summer goals below & share with us!


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