Common myths about outdoors that beginner hikers may believe. (The 3rd one seems to linger for some experienced too?)

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Despite the popularity of hiking nowadays, there’re still some misconceptions that are commonly believed. To support you in your search for hiking and other outdoors activities advice, we're going to debunk some of the most popular myths! (No one should feel guilty of believing any of these. We all have to start out as a beginner before becoming experienced.😉) 

Myth #1 My gym routine will prepare me for any level of hikes🏋🏻‍♂️

Even if you can manage an hour indoor cardio or lift heavy plates in impressive ways, your body may not be prepared for sustained hiking. Especially for a long, steep hike over rough terrain, particular skills and experience are required. Fortunately, there’re many trails are short with mild incline for newbies to start with.

Myth #2 Water is enough to keep you hydrated for all outdoor workouts💧 

If you're going for a 5k run on a relatively flat, paved path like Bowen Road, then surely water’s got your hydration needs covered. But for endurance type of activities, you shall consider sports drinks / electrolyte supplements to fuel your body, so as to avoid dehydration and heatstroke.

Myth #3 It’s okay to leave food scraps in the trails🍌

According to The Guardian's report, an apple core takes about 8 weeks to biodegrade, orange peel and banana skins take at least 2 years. In addition to taking time to decompose, food scraps also attract animals, which should get their best food from nature, not humans. [Leave No Trace] is an important act to ensure our enjoyment in the wild doesn't harm the nature.

Myth #4 I don't need to plan ahead for a popular trail, I can just follow the crowd as I go. 🗺

Though we knew adventure is all about exploring the unexplored, safety should always be a top priority when you go outside. Thanks to the hiking blogs, videos and other resources, you will find useful information about most Hong Kong trails on the internet. So you get to know what you should expect and prepare for the trip.

Myth #5 Packing too much / not packing enough for a hike. 🎒

Fluids, layering clothes, food, emergency first aid kits, sunscreen and suitable hiking gear are essential items to bring when heading into nature. Plan out what you actually need for the trip. Carrying too much will force you to exert more more energy than needed, whilst not packing enough will possibly cause serious health and safety risks, especially when taking on a challenging trail in hot weather!

What other myths about outdoors have you heard / believed before? Comment below & share with us!





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