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AmSTRONG Blog| Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to bless our loved ones with warm-hearted gifts! With so many choices out there, where does one start? We’ve prepared this Christmas Gift Guide to help you out!🤓


Gifts for the gym-lover 🏋🏻‍♂️

Gym-goers know the importance of training and nutrition, so let’s start brainstorming around these aspects. A 24-hour gym with a full range of equipment and facilities can be extremely attractive to them. Try inviting them to a 24-hour gym with an one-month pass! If you want to take it to the next level, a functional training backpack to go along with their new membership will allow them to pack everything they need from work to training and everything in between during the day. You can also get them a gear bag. While a rucksack can hold larger gears, a gear bag keeps smaller items like toiletries in place.

Nutrition-wise, for those who are trying to lose fat or gain muscle, protein intake is of great importance. A tender and juicy slow-cooked chicken breast, high protein dumplings, and protein biscuits will be a thoughtful treat to them whilst keeping them on track with their fitness goals. These are all great gifts for the fitness lovers around you!

AmSTRONG Blog| Christmas Gift Guide1. 24/7 Fitness Membership - 24 hours and automated self-services with no contract needed
2. 02-RUCKSACK L - clamshell opening for easy packing, featuring a collapsible e shoe compartment
3. 02-GEAR BAG - 2 zipper compartments + 3 stash pockets keeping smaller items in place
4. Hea Chicken - slow-cooked instant chicken with 10 different flavours, 25g protein / 100g


Gifts for the fashionista 🕶️

As the seasons change, why not consider new hoodies as gifts, as they never go out of style! Spice up their outfit of the day whilst keeping warm. Crop hoodies are cute for ladies and layering with an oversized staff shirt is a stylish look for guys. Another fashion item for both boy and girl friends can be a simple and chic belt bag which you can wear as a sling too. This great grab-and-go can stylishly and neatly hold all you need for the day!

AmSTRONG Blog| Christmas Gift Guide1. AmSTRONG 01-HOODIE - brushed fleece that’s warm and cozy, available in grey and navy
2. AmSTRONG 01-CROP HOODIE - slim fit, incredibly soft interior, available in black and white
3. KOFGYM Oversized Staff Shirt - originally a staff shirt, now for sale due to popular demand
4. 02-BELT BAG - featuring 2 zipper compartments and adjustable straps, which can be worn as a belt bag or sling


Gifts for the adventure seeker 🏞️

Do your friends enjoy adventure? We have some great gifts for them, too. If they are ready to travel, a sleek hand-carry weekender would be a good choice. It makes packing easier and faster with its ample space and pockets. Alternatively, you may get an insulated backpack for those who often go outdoors. It will allow them to enjoy cold or hot drinks while exploring nature. Speaking of enjoying drinks outdoors, friends who enjoy camping may love a good beer. Handcrafted beers with unique flavours can be a great gift to them. Our insulated backpack can hold up to 18 x 330ml cans. This allows sharing the awesome drinks with those who accompany them. Finally, a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker can enhance the mood during camping!

AmSTRONG Blog| Christmas Gift Guide1. AmSTRONG 02-WEEKENDER - 30L of ample space for clothing and workout equipment
2. AmSTRONG 01-INSULATED BACKPACK - 14L insulated compartment, fits 18 cans
3. Hong Kong Beer Co Craft Beer - freshly brewed in Hong Kong, with a variety of beer styles and seasonal flavours*
4. Nakamichi N-Power Lite - Portable water-resistance speaker which also floats on water, and comes with wireless stereo sound and 2x super bass
*Please do not share alcoholic drinks with age below 18.


Gifts for the free spirit 🧠

If ultimately you want them to make their gift choice, a prepaid gift card can give them freedom whilst keeping it a surprise!✨

AmSTRONG Blog| Christmas Gift GuideAmSTRONG Christmas Edition eGift Card - seasonal new look for the prepaid gift card (available in $100, $200, $500, $1000 and $1500)


We hope this gift guide sparked the inspiration to choose the best gifts for your loved ones.

Merry Christmas Everyone!🎄



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