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AmSTRONG Stories - Yaffa

How much do you know about softball? It is not one of those mainstream sports in Hong Kong, and many might even confuse it with baseball. Did you know though, there is a Hong Kong Women’s Softball Team that repped Hong Kong in the Asian Games, not once, but twice. Their dedication and “all-in” mindset for the sports is undeniable, they have devoted all their time and energy in the hope of becoming better softball athletes.

In this episode of AmSTRONG Stories, we linked up with Yaffa Lam (@yaffa_lam) from the Hong Kong Women’s Softball Team to learn everything about softball, a women-led sport and explored Yaffa's story on the road to become one of the best softball players Hong Kong ever has.

Q: Hello Yaffa, tell us about yourself!
My name is Yaffa, my teammates call me PK, because my Chinese name is Pui Kwan. I am currently serving the Hong Kong Women’s Softball Team, and I also work in a Sport Marketing and PR agency. My biggest achievement in life is becoming a softball athlete.

Q: Some people say that softball is a female version of baseball, what do you think about that?
Softball is often mistaken for baseball, but you can actually tell the difference by comparing their balls side by side. Softballs are yellow and bigger, while baseballs are smaller and white with red stitches. Softball originated from baseball, their rules are very similar too. However, Softball pitches are smaller than baseball pitches making the sport more female-friendly in terms of physical demands and the running distance. In the Olympics, only women are eligible to participate in softball while baseball is exclusively for men.

AmSTRONG Stories - Yaffa

Q: Why are you so dedicated to softball?
I LOVE this sport, simple as that. I would even say it is the most important thing in my life at this moment: softball, family and career come last. When I look for a job, I always make sure the company I apply to can offer a flexible working arrangement so I could have time for training and take leave for competitions.

Q: Tell us about the wildest thing you have ever done for softball.
So, we had a second opportunity to participate in the Asian Games, and I quit my full-time job for it. I wanted to go all in and train for the game with all I got. To me, it was kinda crazy, but I also feel like this level of dedication is just a basic quality that every athlete should possess. Our rivals are all professional players, they train full-time. They train every single day from 6 in the morning till late, and I just want to have the same training time as them. The year I spent preparing for the Games means a lot to me, it was also the time I learned more about my passion and dedication for softball.

AmSTRONG Stories - Yaffa

Q: Do you have a female athlete that you look up to?
Japanese softball athlete, Eri Yamada, is my idol and my absolute girl crush. She plays the same position as I do - “Center Field”. She has already retired, but she was the reason why I started playing softball. Everyone knows the United States dominates the sport, and for Japan, a country that had never won gold in Olympic softball games, striving for a championship was almost an impossible dream. However, Yamanda turned the tables during a game against the Americans and led the Japanese team to win gold medals in the Olympics. She was such an unreachable dream for me, and I could only watch her through the screen until one time, I could finally see her in action in real life at the Asia Cup. The way she threw herself out on the field and her impeccable skills was such a sight to behold and I could not take my eyes off her. In that moment, I decided to follow in her footsteps, to persevere and to become her or even become a better athlete than her in the world of softball.

Q: Do you have any advice for the younger players?
I hope they are grateful for what they got, and don’t take things for granted, such as venue, training support, coach and all the resources. They need to treasure everything that is helping them now. Also I wish they persevere, you know how they say, the winner is always the one who never gives up.

AmSTRONG Stories - Yaffa

Q: What is your goal for yourself and the team?
Although we, the Hong Kong team, are training as amateurs, I really want our techniques and skills to reach the level of a world-class professional softball so that we can compete in the upcoming Asian Games once again.

Q: How would you describe your lifestyle?
Go with your heart, I follow this motto for life. I think it is important to enjoy every moment. If you want it, just do it - this is the secret to living a life without any regrets.

Q: Which AmSTRONG bag is your favourite?
I adore the 02-BELT BAG. We train all the time, and need to bring fresh clothes and gears for training. The bag can fit all the essentials I need despite its seemingly petite size. I also love how it looks, it is unisex, with a little masculine touch but goes well with all my outfits.

AmSTRONG Stories - Yaffa


During the interview, Yaffa also explained a lot more on the rules and history of softball, her face lit up whenever she spoke about the sport she is so passionate about and her infectious dedication got us all hyped up without even realizing it as well. Have you thought about it? When was the last time you had such dedication to omething you pursued? Did you achieve your goal? Like what Yaffa had said, no dream is too far if your dedication is strong enough.

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