AmSTRONG Stories - Invisible Company Co-founder Devana Ng Putting Passion into Action for a Greener Future

AmSTRONG Stories - Devana

Just as "sustainability" has become the buzzword of the century, reducing the use of plastic has become a trend among those of us who care about the world we live in. However, did you know that there is a guilt-free and toxin-free packaging bag that not only looks good but also does good? In Hong Kong, there is a girl who, along with her French husband, turned their love for hiking and nature into a business idea. They have created environmentally harmless, sustainable, water-soluble, landfill biodegradable and compostable bags to replace traditional plastic packaging.

In this episode of AmSTRONG Stories, we had the pleasure of inviting Devana, the Co-founder of Invisible Company, a local brand driven by sustainability, to share her brand story and environmental philosophy.

Q: Hello Devana, can you tell us about yourself?
Hello, my name is Devana, I am the co-founder of Invisible Company. We are manufacturing sustainable packaging that is compostable, biodegradable, and water soluble. We hope to raise awareness about sustainability through responsible packaging.

Q: Why did you start the Invisible Company? What value did you want to advocate with Invisible Co?
Back in 2018, we saw loads of plastic trash during our hikes, and this thought just came to us when we were cleaning up the mountains — we wished to have an environmentally friendly packaging that could replace traditional plastic bags, achieving waste reduction at source. That was the inspiration behind the birth of Invisible Company in February 2020. Responsible packaging is only one of the many channels to promote sustainability, we have also been active in organizing weekly mountain cleanups, encouraging more people to embrace a green lifestyle.

AmSTRONG Stories - Devana

Q: How did you overcome challenges when designing a sustainable package?
Creating a sustainable package or any innovative new material is not easy, but extremely challenging. Throughout the 4 years of running this business, if there is one thing we learn, it is the determination to find solutions to problems. If we give up every time we are challenged, we will never get to the answer. Instead, we try incessantly, if A isn’t the answer, we turn to B, and if both fail, we take what works from A and B to create C, and that is how we solved almost every single one of our problems.

AmSTRONG Stories - Devana

Q: Apart from your work, we know you enjoy various sports. Could you share with us what sports you engage in? Do you see any similarities between playing sports and running a brand?
I love sports, like Thai boxing, squash, and I go hiking every weekend.

Starting your own business, practicing a sustainable lifestyle and exercising actually have more in common than we think, which is that once you start, you will have to commit to them. Let’s take abs training as an example,, you don’t just work on your abs once and expect to see the results the next day . Things only go in the direction you desire when you persevere.

Q: In driving sustainable movement, you are quite well known in the community for hosting regular mountain cleanup, why do you choose this as the approach to advocate a green lifestyle?
Sustainability is more than just empty words, we need to spread the words through action. While many people are aware of the plastic crisis, they might not feel how pressing the issue is unless they have seen it with their own eyes. This is where mountain cleanups come in. It enlightens people on why it is important to be responsible for their own trash, and to understand how a small action contributed by each of us will create a big change for the environment.

AmSTRONG Stories - Devana

Q: Do you see any similarities between sports and a sustainable lifestyle?
My husband and I both agree working out and keeping up a sustainable lifestyle share one thing in common, that is to stay passionate and humble. It is respectable for people who start from scratch on their journey to achieve personal goals. We need to be humble as every time is an opportunity to learn for a better outcome next time. The same goes for sustainability lifestyle, there is no such thing as perfect green living, but we can always come up with an improved plan.

Q: Is there any small but effective daily habit that you suggest the AmSTRONG Community adopt for sustainability?
Just a simple act for the environment already makes all the difference, as simple as not requesting takeaway utensils. When we are shopping, always ask yourself if it is a NEED or is it a WANT, or just consider supporting brands with sustainable practices.

AmSTRONG Stories - Devana

Q: Describe your lifestyle with an adjective.
I would describe my lifestyle as “passionate” . I am eager to try and embrace new things. When it comes to activities I enjoy, such as working for Invisible Company, I am filled with passion. I hope to inspire and raise awareness about sustainability.

Q: You mentioned that the 02-GEAR BAG is a must-have for you during business trips or travel. Can you please share the reasons why you have such a fondness for it?
I enjoy organizing things in an orderly manner. 02-GEAR BAG has two compartments and an inner pocket. I would place items like toothpaste tablets and reusable cotton buds in the front mesh pocket and out travel sized sanitary products in the pocket at the back. The space in this bag is more than enough to neatly store all the necessary items for travel.

AmSTRONG Stories - Devana


In the interview with Devana, we can feel that environmental protection is both a value and a consistent action. As long as each individual is willing to take a small step in their daily routines, such as separating recyclables from trash and reducing food waste, environmental protection can transform from a slogan into a genuine lifestyle that brings about positive changes for the environment.

Today, AmSTRONG's products are packaged in water-soluble #invisiblebag or reusable non-woven bags, reducing unnecessary single-use plastics. Would you join us in making small changes in your life and contribute to the efforts for our planet?

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