Let's Explore: A Break From The Urban Jungle

AmSTRONG | a break from the urban jungle

Sometimes feel overwhelmed by the traffic, noise, air pollution, huge concrete buildings?

Need a break from the urban jungle?

👉🏻 Plan a trip to Sai Lau Kong & Ngau Shi Wu (in Tai Po) for some much-needed fresh air amongst nature!

We guarantee you will enjoy the view and the calmness of Yan Chau Tong Marine Park area (also known as Double Haven)

Sai Lau Kong & Ngau Shi Wu
(Pc: @dada1960)


Depart from Wu Kau Tang > Kau Tam Tso > Miu Sam Ancient Trail > Sam A Tsuen > Ngau Shi Wu > Sai Lau Kong > return to Sam A Tsuen > Lai Chi Wo > Take a ferry back to Ma Liu Shui

Distance: 12.2km
Duration: 4.5hours
Refreshment point: Sam A Tsuen (Get a taste of traditional Hakka cuisine!)

#BeginnerFriendly #DogFriendly #FamilyFriendly

Sai Lau Kong & Ngau Shi Wu
(Pc: @dada1960)

💡This route is relatively flat and 70% shade-covered.

If you want to make the trip a bit more challenging, climb up to Tiu Tang Lung (416m) from Miu Sam Ancient Trail. After summit, descend to Miu Tau Shek and head toward Sam A Tsuen to continue the journey.

**Tiu Tang Lung is NOT recommended to beginner or unequipped hikers. The slope is very steep and clambering up is required. No shelter at all along the trail.

Yan Chau Tong Marine Park

Sai Lau Kong & Ngau Shi Wu

This weekend, take a break from the urban jungle — It’s never an escape but a time for recharging ourselves, gaining new perspectives on our everyday life.


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