5 Ways to stay mentally and physically STRONG!

Lockdown, no end in sight… yes we get it, it's very frustrating during these times. To protect ourselves and other, staying at home helps a lot but don't forget to be also mindful of your own mental and physical health. We’ll help you find ways to stay healthy and active during this semi-lockdown!

1. Exercise 15-30 Mins Every Day 🏋🏻 

It's difficult to stay motivated with gyms being closed and being stuck indoors. But every small step counts. You can also head over to our short home workout video as reference.

 2. Develop a New Hobby 🧩

You might have more time at home now! Why don't we make use of this time to start a new hobby? May be you'll love latte art, puzzles or even yoga! 

Our Handstand Challenge is still going strong on Instagram. Join us (and invite your friends too), challenge yourself to do a handstand. And practice everyday to perfect your form! 

 3. Rest Enough 😴

It's easy to be slouching all day and staying up all night to finish that Netflix shows when you don't have anywhere to go! But remember to take enough rest, maintain a consistent bedtime. Good sleep is one of the keys to your brain performance, mood, and health. Here is some tips to improve your sleep from Healthline!

4. Eat Healthy 🍎

Keep yourself away from craving junk, limit fried food, high saturated food and candy intake to a minimum. Instead, learn to make your own healthy treats! It is fun and brings you a more balanced diet to energise your day. Here are some healthy snack recipes from Jamie Oliver!

5. Talk to your support system🗣 

It's normal to feel a bit worried or struggled these days. Talk to your close friends / family, opening up about the way you feel can really help. They may be able to offer you advice or be able to keep you motivated!

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