4 ways to make you feel like travelling when you go on a local adventure!

AmSTRONGIt has been more than a year and half since the travel restrictions and there’s no travel on the cards anytime soon... If you have enough of the travel bites, sick and tired of social media memories reminding where you visited two/three/four years ago, here we got some solutions for you!

To sate your wanderlust, all you need is creativity.🧠✨

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.” – Henry Miller

1. Try a sunrise hike.

We've been hiking a lot last year but have you watched the dawn breaks at the top of a mountain? You will be amazed by the sun-kissed scenery in the early morning. The trail, flowers, foliage, the entire atmosphere are just not the same as what you usually see or feel in the afternoon!

Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong📍Wo Yang Shan

2. Participate in a new sport.

Life can sometimes fall into periods of routine. By trying something new you add some zing to your everyday life. Why not get a taste of rock climbing, Ninja Warrior training or canyoning! While not every sport you try will end up being your favorite, dipping your toes in new experience certainly gives your body and mind new impulses.

canyoning, ninja warrior, bouldering(PC: Klook / Sasuke Fitness)

3. Discover local hidden gems.

We have 75% of HK’s land covered by green. Go explore some country parks and remote islands. There’re many quiet scenic spots where you can place your picnic blanket and enjoy the breeze.

Sai Kung📍Near Fa Shan, Sai Kung

4. Plan a themed day trip.

We can experience a sense of travel and adventure through our creations, whether it’s cuisine we try, destination we visit, or outfit we wear. For instance, pretend travel by planning a Portugal-themed day trip! Starting off from visiting a Portuguese restaurant, order a Caldo Verde and get surrounded by the blue and white tiles. After filling up the stomach, go "sightseeing" at Shek O. The rainbow village and Cape D'Aguilar would definitely give you a vibe that you're somewhere in Europe.

Sightseeing in Hong Kong


Let's try one of these ideas (or all of them) next weekend! Share with us how it goes by hashtag #AmSTRONGSweatClub.


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